Daily Devotionals

April 2019 Daily Devotionals: A Goodly Steward (biblical finances)
Day 1: Who is a Steward?
Day 2: Digging up the Roots
Day 3: Faithful in our Present Finances
Day 4: A Faithful Written Accounting

Be watching for more of the April 2019 devotions to be posted!

May 2019 Daily Devotionals: Portraits of Grace
Day 1: Terri Shuerger [PDF]
Day 2: Rebekah Bursell Chacon [PDF]
Day 3: Sarah Jane Conaway [PDF]
Day 4: Robin Wood [PDF]
Day 5: Emily Knight [PDF]
Day 6: Raquel Canales [PDF]
Day 7: Yetta Miller [PDF]
Day 8: Keren Burdick [PDF]
Day 9: Norma Mullinax [PDF]
Day 10: Mary Chacon [PDF]
Day 11: Chastity Whittemore [PDF]
Day 12: Joan Barnett [PDF]
Day 13: Tina Hice [PDF]
Day 14: Erica Madden [PDF]
Day 15: Alycia Cruse [PDF]
Day 16: Melinda Whittemore [PDF]
Day 17: Stephanie Simpson [PDF]
Day 18: Rebecca Cultrara [PDF]
Day 19: Deborah Davis [PDF]
Day 20: Melissa Moore [PDF]
Day 21: Veneda White [PDF]
Day 22: Lisa Hammill (part 1) [PDF]
Day 23: Lisa Hammill (part 2) [PDF]
Day 24: Yolanda Villazana [PDF]
Day 25: Grecia Guel [PDF]
Day 26: Sheila Velez [PDF]
Day 27: Trina Burgdoff [PDF]
Day 28: Skyla Gwyn [PDF]
Day 29: Hannah Owens [PDF]
Day 30: Darlene Fanning [PDF]
Day 31: Bettina Shue [PDF]