Meet Bettina

Welcome, friends, to my little corner of the internet!

I am Bettina. I would love to say that I have traveled the world, but I have not. I am a second generation missionary though whose homeland was Alaska … is that close enough to count?

I love my husband of 30 years, of which the past four we have enjoyed as empty-nesters. God blessed us with two beautiful daughters, two handsome son-in-loves and now two adorable granddaughters! Being a Nana is the best!

For the past 21 years, we have served our Lord on the border of South Texas and Mexico. Our mission field is serving and ministering to others, with the focus on missionaries and national pastors. Our days stay very full!

Through this service, God has given me a deep love for ladies. For the past 19 years, I have fully planned and administered a ladies retreat in Mexico and I am excited to have this opportunity to now share my devotional thoughts and ideas with you!

A little over two years ago, God spoke to my heart about loving Him more and to personally be digging into His Word every day. So, for personal accountability, I started writing a daily devotional on Facebook. I have found my love for Him growing every day as I become more and more like Him and I am honored to share with you what God speaks to me about.

It is my desire for you to grow to love Him more as well! Many of us have been saved for decades, yet, are very weak, immature Christians who are not Christ-like at all. To become like Him, we must be in His Word every day. That is where we are going to find His truth to live by.

May you find the help, the resources and the encouragement here to enable you to become that sweet-smelling savour that He so desires from each of His dear children!