September 2019 Devotionals

So, ladies! I am switching things up for September. Are you ready?

In the month of September, I will not be sending out a daily e-mail nor posting in my blog. BUT, I will still be making a post on my Instagram account and Facebook page.

If you have not read today’s devotion yet, please take a minute to do so (Day 31: V is for Voice) … well, it will probably take 2-3 minutes, but you know what I mean! It has some important information in it to launch us into the month of September.

Basically, my goal is to have EACH … yes, EACH … of you to help me share God’s Word in September. I do not believe that we have a loud enough voice in our social media presence, my friend. The devil is having a hey-day while we hide away in any nook and cranny that we can find! Let us turn that around this month! 

I know that we do not all like to post, but sometimes choose to be silent readers instead. I understand that, BUT, God has called each one of us to have a voice proclaiming His Truth. So, just for this month, PLEASE join with me in having a voice in social media.

You can do this one of two ways. You can either TYPE out one verse from your personal devotions each day on your personal timeline … you are having your personal devotions each day, correct? Then TAG ME … I’d love to write an encouraging word! Or you can just type a verse from your personal devotions each day as a comment under my daily post. It really does not matter to me which way you choose … because the entire purpose is to promote the truths of God’s Word.

Remember, this is only a verse. You do not even have to write anything else … no words, not an entire devotional, nothing! Just simply proclaiming God’s Word … will not return void!

I do NOT encourage you to post something that someone else has posted or “share” what someone else has posted. Why? Because I want us to be in God’s Word for ourselves! I need to be there and YOU need to be there. We do not grow near as much when we are spoon-fed by someone else. We grow the most when we are mature enough to feed ourselves.

So, what do you say? Let us share what the voice of the Lord is saying to us … each day in September!

I love y’all and am truly grateful for your love, prayers, and words of encouragement along the way! Do not desert me this month, but help me proclaim God’s Word!

His voice,