Day 23: W is for Window

What?  Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” I Corinthians 6:19

W is for window. A window is an opening in the wall of a building which allows light to pass through; a transparent piece of material that also allows one to see inside of a structure.

How many buildings have you seen lately that do not have any windows? There is such a limited quantity that you could most likely count them on one hand, could you not?  Windows not only give a structure character, but they serve multiple purposes as well. I could very well write an additional devotion on just that itself.

A couple of weeks ago our pastor preached on broken windows. He brought out some points that I had never thought about before. When a building has a window broken and it is not fixed, it sends out a message to all those who see it. It is a message of “I do not care.” If someone cared, they would find a way to fix it. If we care enough about the broken windows in our lives, we will find a way to fix them. If we do not already know how, we can seek the help of someone who does. Who better than God?

Something else happens when that window is left in its broken state. More windows are broken. More of the building is vandalized. Where we live, graffiti is a constant battle. If graffiti is not painted over immediately, guess what happens? More gangs come along and add to it. Pretty soon it has gotten completely out of control … and to think that it all started with that first little marking.

After 23 years of traveling in ministry, I can say that we have seen a lot of buildings with broken windows. My mind struggles to comprehend how anyone can just let a building sit abandoned and let it fall in on itself. No matter how many times that I have been frustrated to not be able to conjure up the answer to that, it still always saddens me to know that somewhere along the way someone neglected to fix what was broken.

It all starts with the little things. When we miss one church service, how easy is it to miss another and then another and another? When we do not take time to pray one day, how easy is it to skip another day and then another? When someone does something to annoy us, do we correct our attitude right then or do we leave it there to be added to when it inevitably happens again? When we let pride slip in, it slides in even easier when the door is open even a smidgen.

Our bodies are God’s temples. Let us do our best to keep them cleaned up and in good repair. We definitely do not want to advertise to the enemy that our temple is weak and easily broken into.

Lesson Objective: To understand how important a window is. To learn that it is the little things, left unchecked, that cause the most destruction.

Did you pass or did you fail?

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