Personal Bible Study: Shewing Yourself Approved

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15

This blog started because one day God got ahold of my heart to be more faithful than I ever had been before … in not just reading His Word EVERY day: no, but in STUDYING His Word every day. There is a great difference, my friend!

I do realize that I was MIA for far too many months … and I apologize for that. Sadly, life and poor mental health happened. In the process, I failed you, and I failed my heavenly Father.

Just recently I have been fervently praying to God to bring my writing back. I missed it. I missed my daily deep studies and thoughts. I missed being with you all.

In those prayers, God and I had some very open and honest conversations. Yikes! You know the kind that I am talking about, do you not? Well, God has answered my prayer … far above what I expected. Isn’t that just like our God?

God knows what I need, and He knows what you need, my friend! So, He has spoken to me about how I can accomplish His will for my life personally and also help to bring some sweet-smelling savours into your life for Him at the same time.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning … even before this blog was started … when I was writing a daily devotional and only posting on Facebook, you will know that I love word studies. I also love to do a study for an entire month on one theme … with sub-themes for each day.

So, are you ready?? Brand NEW to you … and to me … I will design a FREE monthly STUDY sheet for you and me to study from. Oops! Did I say you … and me? Yes! We are going to STUDY together! Yay! It sounds like fun, does it not?

To start us off, this first FREE Devotional Study Sheet is available right now for you and me to start studying on May 1st. Yes, that is just a few short days ahead!

I have entitled this first Devotional Study Sheet, “Seeking God – Finding our All in Him.” For that is EXACTLY what you and I need to do … find our ALL in Him! Each day, you will find a sub-topic and scripture reference that follows that very thought. [March 2021 topic: Let’s Walk the Walk … Not Just Talk the Talk]

So, how will this work, you ask? You will want to print off the Devotional Study Sheet AHEAD of time. While you are at it, go grab your Bible and your favorite journal and pen … please, NOT a loose piece of paper!!! Have them set aside and ready for May 1st.

Each day, find a quiet place and a quiet time. Begin with a prayer to God to clear your mind of all the ramblings, cares of this life … and whatever else that has found their way there. Ask Him to give you wisdom and insight into what He wants you to learn that day.

Begin by writing down the date in your journal … and I also write down the day of the week. Take your Devotional Study Sheet and write down the topic for the day. Once you have found the scripture in your Bible, write it out verbatim as well. Then prayerfully read through the verse. Allow time to meditate and for the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart.

Once you have done this, then allow the Holy Spirit to draw your mind toward other verses and cross-references that go along with that topic … or even other topics. The important thing is to let Him draw you along.

Be sure to write down any of these other references. I write verbatim other verses as well. Then, lastly, I write down any thoughts or prayers that He may have given me.

Before you finish, take a moment to thank Him for what He has shown you that day. Ask Him to help you to apply it to your life … even that very day. So, that you did not just take time to read His Word, but to study it and apply it. That is where the sweetest savourings are found!

Before getting up, take a second to check off the block on your Study Sheet for that day. This will help give you a good visual and also a good motivator to be faithful in studying EVERY single day.

Yes, I could write the devotional for each day and post it, but I feel that God wants me to share this magnificent opportunity to turn our hearts and our minds to His Word … physically get our grubbies on and get that shovel out, get in there with both feet, and start digging on a personal level.

I love to bake, and I love to share my baking. But, the best, most memorable baking is what I personally made and partook of. That is what I want for you, my friend!

I not only desire for my life to be a sweet-smelling savour to my LORD, but I desire for your life to be the same. Let us join together and “Study to shew [ourselves] approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed ….” KJV

Note: To receive this FREE Devotional Study Sheet for this month and for the months thereafter, simply scroll up/down the right sidebar to the signup box! I have also laid out some basic information that is very easy to follow, so you will definitely want to check it out as well! Of course, if at any time, you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Ladies, please only print one sheet for your personal use. If you are going to use it for a group study, for the ladies in your church or you want to share with a friend or family member … which I encourage all of those … please direct them to this post for them to participate on an individual basis. We want them to experience firsthand what God wants for us this month and that begins by them taking the first step in committing to receiving the Study Sheet personally. Thank you for honoring this request!

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    1. Thank you so much for joining in, Stephanie! My heart is just overflowing with joy for what God is getting ready to do our lives this month through studying His Word … seeking Him … and as we find our all in Him, how sweet that will smell to Him!

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